Monday, February 8, 2016

Week Ending 02-07-16

Back hitting 80 mile weeks (at least for another week or so).  Felt pretty good but pushed a little on consecutive days which is never a good thing for me.  The highlight of the week was running up/down Mt Washington with CMS teammate Kevin Tilton.  That really beat me up, enough that I thought it prudent to not try and race the Lynn Stew chase.  I guess since my goal race isn’t for another 5 months (Loon Mountain), I shouldn’t be worried.

Week = 80
Month = 80
Year = 350
Life = 130,803

Monday – Lunch run Shawsheen 7 in 54:53
                Afternoon 6 on the Bradford Country club course with Dan in 48:40

Tuesday – 6am Shawsheen 7 in 53:52
               Lunch Shawsheen 7 in 49:25

Wednesday – 7am Methuen rail trail 6 in 47:02
                Lunch Shawsheen 7 in 49:11

Thursday – Lunch Shawsheen 7 in 53:58
                PM 3 on the Methuen rail trail in 23:32

Friday – 930am 15+ miles up/down Mt Washington in 3:15:15

Saturday – A very sore and slow 3 in the snow on the Londonderry Rail Trail 32:06

Sunday – 5 with Dan in Lynn woods (packed snow) 43:19 into 7 on my own on the road in 52:10


Tom Fitzgerald said...

What was the weather like when you ran Mt Washington?

double-d Mountain runner said...

Great for Feb. Snow, freezing fog, icy road, very little snow. 7 degrees and 30 mph winds.