Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week Ending 05-08-16

Rough week.  Stricture got bad enough that when I went in for testing I needed a catheter.  That meant some down time.  Doc said I could try to run but it might be too painful.  I tried on Sunday and managed 4 miles with Petey, but broke the bag.  I would not advise doing that.

Week - 44
Month - 53
Year - 1153
Life = 131,606

M - Lunch 7 took it easy post-race 54:46
       Afternoon 6 on the rail trail 46:29

T - 8 on the rail trail after seeing the doctor 59:17
      Later Dan's lunch 7 in 56:11

W - Lunch 7 felt good 50:51
       PM Methuen 5 on rail trail, pretty sore hip flexor at the end 38:40

Th - Unexpected catheter day off

F - Still too sore

Sat - Hiked an hour after volunteering at the RW Emerson trail race
         Later 15 minutes on the Go!

Sun - 630am 4 miles at Winni with Petey 39:15  (lots of blood!)

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