Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wicked FIT 5k

I was looking for a final race before the Manchester marathon and came up with the Wicked FIT 5k in Concord NH.  The 5th annual event had a good entry fee($25) and an early start time (9:30am), it was not just a costume race but also a serious race with a Certified course that had only 3 turns and just 10' total climb/descent.  I wanted to get some leg turnover and this would be the place to do it.

I showed up and hour before the start and bumped into former Mt Washington Road Race director Bob Teschek who was doing the race timing (Granite State Racing).  It was nice to catch up with Bob before heading out to preview the course.  Conditions were great for racing with temps in the upper 40's a little drizzle and no wind at all.  I was hoping to run around 17:40,  I haven't done anything quick for a while and hoped for a good shock to the system.

Nearly 400 lined up, with a large contingent wearing Halloween costumes.  I went out with the small lead pack of Trevor Taylor and Dylan Tuttle.  They pushed on the only little uphill of the race 1/4 mile in and I was off the back. By the mile mark I was 5+ seconds back.  By 2 miles Taylor had broken it open and was 15 seconds up, but I'd closed the gap on Tutttle.  I caught him by 2.5 and we ran together until the turn into Rollins park at 3 miles.  He kicked but I had nothing left losing 3 seconds in the final 100 meters.  I can't complain as I was under my goal pace and "raced" it well never giving up.

Bring on the marathon!

    1   1 MOPEN 17:15   5:33 Trevor Taylor             24 M    1938 Manchester NH          
    2   1 M1319   17:32   5:39 Dylan Tuttle              18 M    1950 Alton NH               
    3   1 M5059   17:35*  5:40 Dave Dunham               52 M    2065 Bradford MA            
    4   1 M3039   18:50   6:04 Aaron Monier              33 M    2092 Concord NH             
    5   2 M3039   19:06   6:09 Jared Fortier             36 M    1646 Concord NH             
    6   2 M5059   19:10   6:10 David Audet               51 M    1519 Concord NH             
    7   2 M1319   19:13   6:12 Eben Bragg                14 M    1552 Concord NH             
    8   1 M2029   19:15   6:12 Tim Kneuer                21 M    1728 Laconia NH             
    9   3 M1319   19:29   6:16 Trey Fortier              13 M    2096 Concord NH             
   10   3 M3039   19:41   6:20 Grant Fortier             34 M    2097 Concord NH       

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