Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week Ending 11-13-16

First week off due to surgery.  Three more to go.  Surgery went okay and I'm walking without any issues so I'm hoping to get a couple of hours in each day.  I'll need to in order to hold onto my slim lead in the "Hike 125" challenge.

Week - 16
Month - 84
Year - 3215
Life - 133,668

M - Post marathon recovery, 5 at Winni in 45:46
       PM 6 on the Salem/Windham rail trail 47:03

T - 4am Industrial park 5 in 44:02

W - Out of the hospital in the afternoon

Th - AM 4m hike in Weir hill
         PM 3.2 ile hike in Ward res

F - AM 5.2 hike in Osgood/Weir
      PM 3 out/back industrial park

Sat - AM 3 out/back on Auburn rail trail
         Later 2.9 up/down Oak hill and Concord high point
         PM 3 at Weir hill

Sun - AM Long Hill 3.2 mile hike
           Later Appleton farm 4 mile hike

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