Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First day of running - 13,880 days ago (seems like yesterday)

38 years ago today I did my first run.  Thank you Mike Granfield for telling me “You are running indoor track”.  I had no idea what indoor track was!  Coach Granfield handed out blank RW training logs on day 1 and told us how important it was to keep track of our mileage.  I took that to heart and have logged every mile run over the last 13,880 days.
Distance               133,717                
# days                   13,880                  
Avg. Day              9.63                       
High Day              62                          
High Week          140                        
High Month        513                        
Longest Streak  1179       Didn't miss a day from Oct. 20 1990 to Jan. 9 1994             
Days off               1734       = One day off for every 8.01 days            
First 3 days

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calliman said...

Unbelievable dedication!