Saturday, December 17, 2016

USATF NE All-Terrain Runner Series

The 2017 USATF NE All Terrain Runner (ATR) series has been set.  The scoring will be a best 5 of 7.  Notes:  The 5,000 indoors and outdoors can only be done at the meets listed below.  The snowshoe event is NOT sanctioned by USATF but held under the United States Snowshoe Assoc rules and regulations.

Best 5 of 7 series
Indoor track – 5,000 meters must be done at either USATF open (if you have a time that gets you into the meet) on 02-19 or USATF masters (open to ALL runners) on 01-29
Outdoor – 5,000 meters must be done at the USATF NE open/masters champs date TBA
Cross-Country – USATF NE champs 11-05 (?)

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