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Mt Washington Road Race Hall of Fame

Only 2 weeks left to submit nominations for the Mt Washington Road Race Hall of Fame. Email your nominations to:  Check out who is in the HOF:
HOF members blurbs : (Information as of the year of their induction)
Bob Hodge (2010) won the race a record seven times (1976-1980, 85 and 87). Set the course record in 1977, 78 and 1979. Finished thirteen times in the top ten.
Anna Pichrtova (2010) won the race a record six times (2001-04 and 06-07). Only loss was a second place in 2005, 15 seconds out of first.
Gary Crossan (2010) won the race four times (1981, 82, 84, and 86) finished in the top ten two other times. Set the course record of 1:01:13 in 1984.  The award for top NH finisher is named in his memory.
Fred Norris (2010) won the race in 1962, at the age of 40, with a then-course record time of 1:04:57.
That time remained the course record until 1977, and the master’s record until 2001. He is the oldest man to win the race
Mike Gallagher (2011) the first person to win the race four times. Won in consecutive years (1968-1971) Personal best of 1:06:13 set in 1968.  Won by 51 seconds in ’71, beating Boston Marathon champion Amby Burfoot.
Derek Froude (2011) won the race twice and finished second once. First person to break 1:00 (59:17 CR in 1990).  Ran the marathon in the 1984 Olympic Games.
Daniel Kihara (2011) won the race four times in five attempts.  Set the course record in 1996 (58:21). Slowest time was 1:00:06, the only runner in the history of the race with three sub-one hour finishes.
Matt Carpenter (2012) won the race three times, finished second, and fourth place.  Set the Colorado state record (59:16) in 1999.  Set the 40+ (masters) CR of 1:02:12 in 2005.
Jacqueline Gareau (2012) won the race three times. Finished in second place at age 47.  Set the 40+ (masters) record in 1994 with a 1:16:15.  Set the course record in 1989.  
Christine Maisto (2012) won the race three times (1985, 86 and 91) and finished second in four times. Set a course record in 1985 and 1991, personal best of 1:12:15.  
Keith Woodward (2012) won the race in 1983, with a 1:06:38.  Set the 60-69 Age group record (1:21:29) in 2011.  Ran the race 36 times between 1973 and 2011 which was the most by anyone. 
J’ne Day-Lucore (2013) won three times (1992, 93, and 95) and finished six times in the top ten including a fourth place finish at age 40.  Set the Colorado state record in 1992 running 1:11:45.
Jonathan Wyatt (2013) won the race twice (2004 & 2007) and set the course record (56:41) in 2004. 
Bob Teschek (2013) Race director from 1982-2010, also ran the race 8 times between 1966 and 1982 with a personal best of 1:15:52.
Simon Gutierrez (2013) won the race three times (2002, 03, and 05) and finished in the top 5 eleven times.  Set the New Mexico state record in 1999 (1:01:38). Set the master’s course record (1:01:34).
Dave Dunham (2014) won the race three times (1988,1989, and 1994).  Set the then course record running 1:00:50 in 1988.  Set multiple state records (MA 1:00:37 and NH 1:00:44). 
Craig Fram (2014) won the race in 1997 and has a PR of 1:03:20 (1995).  Set the course record for master’s in 2001 and again in 2004.  Set the 50+ age group (senior’s) record running a 1:06:58.
Eleonora Mendonca (2015) won the race three consecutive times (1976-1978).  Set the course record twice with a 1:30:05 in 1977 and 1:28:39 in 1978. 
Eric Morse (2015) Finished the race sixteen times, including three times as runner-up, with a PR of 1:01:09.  He has the Vermont state record with his 1:01:09 from 1999.  
Eric Blake (2015) won the race three times (2006, 2008, and 2013).  Set multiple state records (CT 59:57 and NY 61:07).  Has run eight times under 1:02 which ranks first.
Peter Watson (2015) Team Gloucester leader (one of the largest clubs at Mt Washington).  Publicized and promoted the race dedicating large amounts of time and energy.  Had 23 finishes and a personal best of 1:46:19. 
Francis Darrah (2016) won the race in the first two years it was held (1936 & 1938).  Set the course record in both years.
George Etzweiler (2016) the oldest finisher (95 in 2015), and finished eight times between the age of 85 and 95.  The only runner over age 88 to finish the race
Cathy Hodgdon (2016) won the race three consecutive times (1980-1982) with an average time of 1:24:07. 

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