Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fudgcicle 5k

I headed to Tewksbury for the GLRR winter series Fudgcicle 5k for the 20th time since 1988.  This series is a classic going back to the 70's.  The short drive and the $1 entry fee were the main draw for me.  I was hoping to put in a good effort in prep for the New England (and Northeast) masters track champs next weekend.  Last year I had a less than stellar run with an 18:37for the slightly long 5k distance.

Conditions were very good for a late January road race with temps in the mid-30s and overcast skies with no wind.  I ran the course for my warm-up and felt a bit tired.  My ankle was still sore from last weeks snowshoe race and I felt kind of flat.  After saying hi to some old friends (including Aims Coney who I hadn't seen in a few years) I changed into racing flats and a very old GLRR singlet (I'm a lifetime member).

129 lined up for the start (actually maybe a dozen headed out early for the sunshine start) between cars turning into the high school and off we went at 8:00 am.

I was in the lead at the start but could hear footsteps right behind me.  I thought if I ran well I'd be able to muster 5:45 pace. My Garmin was set to beep every half-mile and I was 2:50 through the first slightly downhill first half.  I heard the footsteps fade and kept the pace honest.  I reached the mile in 5:45.  Soon after I caught the amazing 92 year-old Lou Peters who was chugging along.  I gave a thumbs up as I went by, I wasn't able to muster any encouragement as I was wheezing from the effort.

I was happy to hit the 2 mile mark in 11:30 (5:45 2nd mile) and kept working it.  The little uphill, maybe 10' of climb really hit and I was running out of steam.  I managed a 5:50 last mile (3m in 17:20) and kicked hard for the line as the clock was nearing 18 minutes.  I barely tucked under with a 17:55.  With a win by 1:04 over the strong finishing "Burger King".

The win kept my streak alive.  I've now won at least one race every year for 39 years (1979-2017).

Full results:

Tewksbury, MA
8:00 AM  January 21, 2017
36 degrees and overcast
Timed by the Greater Lowell Road Runners

Place Name                No.  Div/Tot Ag Div   City       St Time3   Pace    
===== =================== ==== ======= == ===== ========== == ======= =====
    1 Dave Dunham          803   1/22  52 M5059 HAVERHILL  MA   17:55  5:46
    2 Burger King          725   1/13  36 M3039 LOWELL     MA   18:59  6:07
    3 Eric Beauchesne      755   1/26  46 M4049 SOUTH CHEL MA   19:09  6:10
    4 Colin Loghin         795   2/26  41 M4049 Westford   MA   19:40  6:20
    5 Michael Luebeck      772   2/13  31 M3039 MAYNARD    MA   20:02  6:27
    6 Ashley Figucia       741   1/1   18 F0119 TEWKSBURY  MA   20:50  6:43
    7 Jim Rhoades          615   3/26  48 M4049 Lowell     MA   20:53  6:44
    8 Tom Phair            627   2/22  54 M5059 BURLINGTON MA   21:17  6:52
    9 John Feeher          629   3/22  52 M5059 GRANITEVIL MA   21:20  6:52
   10 Brad Pechalek        712   4/22  55 M5059 LOWELL     MA   21:24  6:54

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