Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fudgcicle 5k (plus)

There was plenty of snow this weekend so snowshoe racing was an option, but my PTT and arthritic ankle said running on unstable surfaces might not be a good idea.  It was an easy decision to go back to Tewksbury for the final Fudgcicle race of the season (next week they have a relay).

I showed up an hour before the start expecting to warm-up with Danny V but he was a no-show.  I saw Dave Corbett (Mystic) heading out for a warm-up but I wasn't quite ready to head out.  I hadn't seen Dave since we had a good back/forth battle at Fudge 5 years ago.  I saw Justin Daglish (GLRR) right before the start, he had put 13 seconds on me in the last 1/2 mile 2 weeks ago.  My hope was to stay with those two.

Dave took it out pretty hard on the first slight downhill.  I tucked in behind Justin and hung on for the ride.  I hit the mile in 5:41 about 2 seconds behind Dave and right with Justin.  I like the stretch from 1 to 1.5 and pushed it.  We closed the gap on Dave and by 1.25 we were running in a pack with Dave leading the way.  Right after my watch beeped for 1.5 Dave put in a surge and gapped us.  I was doing my best to stay with Justin thinking "just get to 2 and see".  I hung with him through 2 in 11:22 (5:41) with Dave 3-5 seconds ahead.  I never seem to do all that well on the two little bumps from 2-2.5 but stuck with Justin until the turn onto Main street and 2.5 miles.  Justin then went into his kick and I drifted away on my own.  He tracked down Dave and passed him a little before the 3 mile mark and went on for his second win of the year.  I settled for 3rd place but my fastest time of the year.

I went out and did another loop for a warm-down and felt pretty beat.  I'm looking forward to some longer racing where you don't need to have the leg-turnover.  Not sure exactly where my fitness is but the Amherst 10 mile should give me a great indicator.

Place Name                No.  Div/Tot Ag Div    City       St                 Time   Pace    
===== =================== ==== ======= == ===== ========== ==
    1 Justin Daglish       847   1/16  39 M3039 CARLISLE   MA      17:42  5:42
    2 David Corbett       894   2/16  33 M3039 STONEHAM   MA   17:48  5:44
    3 Dave Dunham      803   1/29  52 M5059 HAVERHILL  MA    17:53  5:46
    4 Charlie Bemis       820   2/29  54 M5059 DERRY      NH         18:18  5:54
    5 Matt Theodoros    855   3/16  34 M3039 ANDOVER    MA     19:37  6:19
    6 Amy Bernard        821   1/17  39 F3039 HAMPSTEAD  NH    19:39  6:20
    7 Lucas Gondola     867   1/9   15 M0119 TEWKSBURY  MA   19:54  6:25
    8 Adam Horwitz      888   2/9   16 M0119 WINCHESTER MA   20:18  6:33
    9 Kathryn Cooney    890   1/6   23 F2029 SOUTH CHEL MA     20:26  6:35
   10 Dennis Donahue  896   4/16  39 M3039 LYNN       MA           20:29  6:36
Around 1.5 miles

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