Monday, February 6, 2017

Fudge 5k #2

With the Granite state snowshoe races cancelled due to a lack of snow (and my ankles thinking snowshoe would be a bad idea anyway) I decided to head back to Tewksbury for another Fudgecicle 5k race.  It was 17 degrees colder on this morning (19 degrees) and “breezy”.  It didn’t seem too bad during my warm-up lap with most of the wind being a cross-wind.  I switched into racing flats and did another ½ mile.  My hands were cold, my posterior tibial tendon was begging for sympathy, and I was just not feeling race ready.
As with two weeks ago 129 lined up (although this time we lined up on the middle island of the turn instead of a few seconds south).  I had seen Charlie Bemis and Amy Bernard (who claimed to be “just doing a workout”) and Jason Bui so I knew there would be competition.  I was right as three guys I didn’t know took it out.  Matthew Morabito took it out hard the first half-mile down to the turn onto Whipple.  As we caught him Justin Daglish pushed hard and gapped the chase group I was in.  I hit the mile in 5:47, five or six seconds behind the leader.  I worked my way loose from the group and slowly reeled in the leader.  I reached 2 miles in 11:25 (5:38 mile) and got the leader right after the turn onto Helvetia Street.  This is always the toughest part of the course for me.  There are two very minor bumps (about 10’ each) that always seem to knock the steam out of me.  This time I had a good battle going which kept me focused.  I never got around Justin but kept him very close.  We turned onto pleasant street and my watch beeped for 2.5 miles and the next thing I knew he was gone.  He put 12 seconds on me over that last .6 and I felt I had a decent kick.  Actually I was kicking right from the gun and just never had another gear.  I crossed the line in 17:53.6 which put me one second ahead of my time from 2 weeks ago.  No complaints on that!
I’ll have to go back and do one more before the series ends.  You have to do a minimum of three to be in the running for awards and I could take a shot at “most consistent” if I can eke out another sub-18.
8:00 AM  February 4, 2017        19 degrees and clear
Place Name                Div/Tot     Ag Div      City, St                        Time  Pace    
===== =================== ==== ======= == ============
    1 Justin Daglish          1/13      39 M3039 CARLISLE, MA         17:42  5:42
    2 Dave Dunham          1/23      52 M5059 HAVERHILL, MA     17:54  5:46
    3 Austin Thiele           1/5       21 M2029 ANDOVER, MA          18:16  5:53
    4 Matt Theodoros        2/13      34 M3039 ANDOVER, MA         18:19  5:54
    5 Charlie Bemis          2/23      54 M5059 DERRY, NH                18:24  5:56
    6 Burger King             3/13      36 M3039 LOWELL, MA            18:51  6:04
    7 Matthew Morabito     2/5       25 M2029 PORTLAND, ME       18:53  6:05
    8 John Rheaume         4/13      35 M3039 AUBURN, MA             19:47  6:22
    9 Joseph Anderson      1/18      41 M4049 Waltham, MA               19:52  6:24
   10 Amy Bernard           1/13      39 F3039 HAMPSTEAD, NH      19:55  6:25
½   2:51.3  2:51.3  
1m  2:55.8  5:47.1 
1.5  2:44.3  8:31.3 
2m  2:53.8  11:25 
2.5  2:54.7  14:20 
3m  2:52.5  17:12 
5k      :41.6  17:53 

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