Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week Ending 07/23/17

Weird week.  Put in a lot of miles early in the week and took it pretty easy on the weekend.  Another weekend without racing.

Month - 260
Year - 2333
Life - 136,318

M - 430am Weir Stevens 6 in 850s
       PM Ward 4 in 835s, Weir/Stevens 5 in 758s

T - 430am Weir Stevens 6 in 855s
      PM Ward 4 in 830s, Weir/Stevens 5 in 809s

W - 430am Weir Stevens 6 in 856s
       PM Ward 4 in 822s, Weir/Stevens 5 in 747s

Th - 430am Weir Stevens 6 in 904s
        PM Ward 4 in 845s, Weir/Stevens 5 in 835s

F - 6am Weir/Stevens 6 with P Young in 859s
      Afternoon 5+ at Field Farm in 829s

Sat - 730am 4x1.5+ mile loop at Field farm step down total 723s

Sun - 7am 3 at Field farm in 830s

Spent the weekend on the summit of Mt Greylock

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