Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Another busy morning

I had a long weekend planned, originally to do the Bay of Fundy Ultra.  I didn't get an invite to the race (I had before as the course record holder) so I decided this would be a good weekend to red line some more reservations.  I'd finished 6 on Friday then raced on Saturday.  Sunday would be more reservations.

I was up at 4:30 am and at the first of the Trustees of Reservations locations at 5:30am.

In order I ran all of the trails at:
Eleanor Cabot Bradley estate (3.7 miles)
Signal hill (1.8 miles)
Francis William Bird Park (4.98 miles)
Moose hill farm (6.3 miles)
The Archives (.33 miles)
Gov. Oliver Ames estate (2.3 miles)

A total of 19.6 miles!

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Mashpee Trustee of the Reservations (part 2)

Second run of the day was the Mashpee River Reservation