Sunday, March 22, 2020

Week Ending 03/22/20

No complaints.  Another step closer to getting back to normal.  Reduced my biking and upped my running.  Got in another workout that was quicker than the last.

Bike - 142.1 miles
Run - 82 miles

M - 330am bike 1hr 23.9 miles
       5am treadmill 5m in 756s
      1130am treadmill 4 in 720s
      3pm butt crack 3 in 749s

T - 330am bike 1hr 23.6 miles
      5am treadmill 5 in 749s
     1130am treadmill 3 in 651s (613 last mile)
      315pm Methuen rail trail 5 in 826s

W - 330am bike 1hr 23.5 miles
       5am treadmill 4 in 756s
       1130am treadmill 3 in 710s
       315pm Methuen rail trail 6 with Danny V in 836s

Th - 330am bike 1hr 24.0 miles
       5am treadmill 4 in 742s
       1130am lunch 3 in 643s (last mile in 617)
       315pm Methuen rail trail 5 with Danny V in 827s

F - 330am bike 1hr 23.1 miles
      445am Methuen rail trail 2xdepot to stateline 5m in 818s
      1130am lunch workout total 5m in 645s (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, mile) mile in 5:36.0
      330pm Road and trail at Weir hill 3m in 836s

S - 6am bike 1hr 24.0 miles
      745am 6 on the Londonderry rail trail in 821s
      Later 5 in 913s

S - Betmar 8 hot and windy

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