Thursday, March 30, 2023

Yet more!

Day 3: Little Sugar Creek trail – Charlotte NC, I ran this early in the morn and was surprised by how many hardcore (and fast) runners were out there.  I also saw a lot of glowing eyes in the grassy meadows I passed through as the deer were out grazing.  World’s smallest police station –Ridgeway SC, I made a quick stop to check out this roadside attraction.  The building was used from 1940-1990 and was about 5x10. Three Rivers Greenway – Columbia SC, I did a tentative 3 mile run on this scenic greenway along the Columbia River.  World’s largest fire hydrant – Columbia SC, I was frustrated to find the location but no fire hydrant.  I later learned it was removed less than a month ago!  Old Sheldon Church ruins – Yeamassee SC, another roadside attraction.  This was an interesting bunch of church and cemetery ruins. Santee Fire Tower – Santee SC, this standing tower was between two very huge farmer’s fields.  The actual road to the tower was fully overgrown but walking the edge of the field was a fine option.  The tower had some trees growing up through it and was missing a few steps on the climb.  I went up about 5 flights as it was a bit sketchy.  There was a nice view.  Spanish Moss Trail – Beaufort SC, it felt a lot hotter than the 75 degree in the sun. The trail had a decent mix of shady parts and open areas, I’d picked it up in a section that did some zig-zags which kept things interesting.  The paved   trail seemed to be fairly popular with bikers. Carr Cross Florida Trail – Ocala FL, my final run of the day was on this trail which as the name implies can be used to cross the state.  It is paved and was surprisingly rolling.  There were a lot of bikers out as this trailhead also featured an extensive amount of mountain bike trail (I hosed down after my run using the bike wash station).


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