Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mt Washington all-time stats updated!

 I’ve updated that stats, records, and lists for the Mt Washington road race.  You may be interested in some of the attachments.  I’ve posted links to Google Document version of them below and on the Mt Washington Records Blog

 Mt Washington Records

A couple of tidbits not in any of the spreadsheets…
The women had their first winner from MA since 1984.  Joe Gray tied Eric Blake and Fred Norris as the oldest winner (age 40).  Joe also broke Bob Hodge’s record of 7 wins with his 8th.

Here is a breakdown of the attachments and anything noteworthy from this year. 
1936 to 2024 mt Washington – lists every result I have (40,796)

Updated to 2024 finisher stats – lists, Total Finishers, # I have, average finishing time (men), average age (men), total women finishers, % women, first woman’s overall place, women’s average time, women’s average age.  Records this year – tied for most women finishing with 473 and oldest average age for women at 45.27

Updated to 2024 single age records – Records for men and women for each age.  Three men set records this year and four women set new single age records.

Updated to 2024 five-year age groups men – lists the all-time top 25 (or more) in each of the five year age groups.  New record this year in the M<20 by Patrick Gandini, this broke the oldest standing AG record (1987).  Not a record but good performances: Joe Gray #3 in the 40-44. Eric Blake #6 in the 45-49. Erik Vandendries #3 in the 55-59 (he owns the top 3 times).  Richard Larsen #2 in the 70-74 (trailing only his own CR).

Updated to 2024 five-year age groups women – lists the all-time top 25 (or more) in each of the five year age groups.  New record in the F50-54 by Laura Manninen (by 3:47).  Not a record but good performances: #3, 4, and 5 in the F20-24 (Schwartz, McConnell, Gaudrault). Fourth fastest ever in the F50-54 by Christin Doneski.

Updated to 2024  state records – lists the all-time best for each state (and country).  New records for Nebraska, Canada, and Finland.

Updated to 2024 prize money winners – lists everyone who won any money, biggest total, most times getting cash, and best average.  Over $250,000 has been won over the years.

Updated to 2024 teams top 25 – lists the top 25 (or more) all-time team times by category.  Records set this year – CSU set a new F60 record and Six03 set a new women’s open record (note – this is the second year that five score instead of 3 for women’s categories up to F50).

Updated to 2024 Fsub130 Msub110 – lists all men under 1:10 and all women under 1:30.  For men you have to be in the top 2% of finishers and women in the 5% to make this list.  Only 264 men and 248 women have ever done this.  Erik Blake moved up to 2nd most with 17, Joe Gray has 8th most at 12.  Kasie Enman and Amber Ferreira are tied for 5th most with 9.

Updated to 2024 top 10 finishes – lists everyone who ever finished in the top 10.  Eric Blake is now tied for first with 18 top 10 finishes.  Joe Gray is tied for 7th.  Amber Ferreira is tied for 1st with 10 and Kasie Enman is tied for 2nd with 9.

Updated to 2024 top five finishes – lists everyone who ever finished in the top 5.  Eric Blake is now first with 17 and Joe Gray is 3rd with 13.
Updated to 2024 Streak and most finishes – lists everyone with a consecutive finish streak of 8 or more years (34 people).  Lists everyone with 15 or more finishes (172 people).  Some notes:
Streaks – 7 have 40 or more years in a row!  18 have 40 or more and 24 have 20 or more.
Most finishes – 35 have 30 or more. 55 have 25 or more and 93 have 20 or more.  Dean Rasmussen got into the “300 mile club” this year. Curt Hirsch, Robert Bradlee, Robert Gillis, Michael Gills, and Steve Titcomb all have 40 finishes but need one more to get 300 miles (they ran in the “short years).

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