Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jim Pawlicki

Jim Pawlicki and I were talking about his first season of snowshoe racing (2004) which was also the first time I met him. We couldn’t remember why we ran at South Pond when it wasn’t a race so I looked it up. Here is what I found.

From my recap of the 2003/2004 season:

12-21-03 – Nice drive out to South Pond for the Dion Demo day. First time I’d met Jim. I told him my life story on the way out. He told me his on the way back. We went out once clockwise then turned around and ran back against traffic. We really surprised people by going in reverse. The hot stove was a welcome relief after the run.

12-28-03 – Woodford kicked off the racing season with a beautiful day, but a difficult to follow course. I won by virtue of staying on course. Jim completed his first snowshoe race in what would turn out to be a heck of a string of races (Jim was the Rookie of the year, scoring an average of 95% at his best six races and winning three races. He finished third overall in the series – behind Ben Nephew and Leigh Schmitt). A good turnout by the CMS team but it didn’t show in the results. Rich Busa got a good picture of him and Rich Bolt crossing the finish line together.

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