Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week ending 12-21-08

What a weird weather week, we had 50 degree weather on Monday and then ice and snow on Wednesday, and Friday right through Sunday. We ended up with about two feet of snow on the ground in Bradford.

I spent an unusual amount of time on the treadmill this week, mostly due to the weather. We have three treadmills at work so it is very convenient to just jump on the treadmill during lunch. Saves time on changing and no worries about the traffic on Route 133 (with snow there is no sidewalk).

I’ve kept up with the doubles mostly because I enjoy breaking up the day with a lunch run, but also it makes hitting ten miles a day much easier. I was pretty consistent running four and six during the week and then getting 10 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday to finish with 71 miles for the week.

Since taking eight weeks off for the stress fracture I’ve run weeks of:
6-27-32-44-51-61-67-71-71. I’m planning on keeping at 70 for a few more weeks and then maybe adding a longer weekend run.

The last minute decision to go to BU on Saturday was a good move. The snowy streets would not have made for a good test, although six people did make the trek to Central Mass for the weekly 5 km. I seeded myself at 10:00 and ran 10:01 running pretty even splits of 3:19/3:22/3:20 per kilometer. I’m not sure if I’ll make it back to the indoor track this season, but it was a lot of fun.

Let the snowshoe season begin!


Tuesday Night Turtles said...

Any recommendations on snowshoes? I was looking into the Atlas race or run. Any thoughts for a newbie?

Bob Jackman

day-v done 'em said...

I like the atlas dual tracs, but I also really like the dion racing shoes. The dion's will take more abuse but the dual tracs are lighter.

Tuesday Night Turtles said...


Thanks for the comments.