Thursday, January 8, 2009

WMAC snowshoe milestones

With one race completed in the 2009 Dion WMAC snowshoe series some individuals have reached milestones.

Brian McCarthy (525.40) and Abby Woods (543.80) both just passed the 500 point mark. Abby did so in an impressive 6 races, all of which she won. Maureen Roberts and Matt Cartier both passed the 1,000 point mark. Matt is averaging an excellent 94.02 points per race. Larry Dragon and Bob Massaro both passed the 2,000 point total. John Pelton has now amassed more than 3,000 points.

Konrad Karolczuk continues to lead the way in the total number of WMAC races raced. Konrad ran his 85th race at Woodford. Dave Dunham ran his 50th, Larry Dragon hit number 40, Howard Bassett tallied his 20th, and James Pawlicki finished his 15th.

Top 10 All-time Point and Finish leaders listed below:
1 Bob Dion---------6,620.32
2 Ken Clark--------5,379.09
3 Ed Alibozek-----4,608.53
4 Dave Dunham ---4,519.11
5 Ed Alibozek Jr--3,877.92
6 Jay Kolodzinski--3,346.68
7 Leigh Schmitt---3,242.14
8 John Pelton------3,070.05
9 Laura Clark-------2,733.53
10 Bob Worsham---2,560.96
Konrad K - on the right

1 Konrad Karolczuk—85
2 Richard Busa-------83
3 Bob Dion------------81
4 Laurel Shortell-----81
5 Laura Clark---------73
6 Ed Alibozek Jr.----71
7 Edward Alibozek---62
8 Ken Clark-----------61
9 Bob Massaro-------61
10 Dave Dunham-----50

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