Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week ending 03-08

A solid 75 for the week despite a travel day. In addition to racing at the snowshoe nationals in Oregon I visited the fourth highest waterfalls in the country, the high point for the city of Portland, and the Willamette stone. I also got to hang out with Rich and Kelly which would be fun even without a race.

M – 10 on treadmill instead of snow run 72:02
T – 6 on treadmill at lunch 43:04, 6 in afternoon with Dan from his work 44:48.
W – 6 on treadmill at lunch 42:06, 6 in afternoon with Dan from his work 42:21
Th – 6 on treadmill at lunch 42:34, 6 in afternoon with Dan from his work 41:57
F – 4 on treadmill at 8am 29:34, 6 on treadmill at 11am 42:01. Afternoon flight to Oregon
Sat – 4+++ with Rich in Forest park on muddy trails 35:00, Afternoon snowshoe run checking out the course on Mt Hood 51:53
Sun – 2 warm-up, 1 more in snowshoes, 6.2m snowshoe race, 2 warm-down @ Mt Hood.

Next up: I’m hoping to run sub 6’s at the New Bedford ½ marathon on Sunday, it is the next race in the USATF NE grand prix series. I’m also race directing the penultimate race in the WMAC/Dion snowshoe series on Saturday at Northfield Mountain.

Local running pal Paul M, with his bio from the 1992 Olympic trials.

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