Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Track workout

Keeping up the tradition of one speed workout per week, hit the track yesterday with Dan and Dave Q. It was pretty much ideal conditions except for the heavy rain once we started running on the track. I felt lousy warming up and not much better in the workout. Something was up with my stomach and I also just felt tired. Dave and Dan both looked pretty smooth, Dave especially looked strong on the two he led. I couldn’t muster a “fast” last 400 although it was the fastest of the day it was 1.7 seconds slower than the final one of last week. Total for the run was a little over 8miles. I think I might have caught a bug as my stomach has been off all day today.

6x400 with 400 rest

Picture above: I was pretty happy thinking I was setting an AR for 50 km. Weeks later I found out the course was re-certified and came up 50m short. Ugh!


s p running said...

What time did you guys start?

Rain was light when we started around 6, then by the end, downpour!

Derrick said...

Reading about your track workouts makes me miss them. Haven't done many since I got into ultras. May have to start doing some again.

David Quintal said...


My Garmin measured the workout plus warmdown as 6.44 miles. Wasn't that at least a 3 mile warmup? That would give us 9.44 total. Come on, don't short change us.


double-d said...

3:26 is our set start time (when Dan is released from work).

DQ: I'm not sure what you measured but we did almost exactly 3 miles of warm-up if you count the mile with stride on the track. I guess 9 miles is a pretty good calculation.