Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week ending 05-17-09

M – Lunch run felt great 4m in 25:49. PM Bird sanctuary 6 with Dan and last mile with jj 45:06

T – Lunch run 2 on treadmill in 13:33 into 4m with Jack in 33:14. PM Bird sanctuary 6 with Dan in 44:48

W – Lunch run 4m new PR 25:37, felt excellent. PM Bird Sanctuary with Dan and JJ – 42:39

Th – Lunch run 2 on treadmill in 13:33 then into 4m with Jack in 32:09. PM Bird sanctuary 6 with Dan and jj in 43:06.

F – Lunch run 4m in 28:07. PM Winnekenni 6m with Dan, jj, TiVO and Albee in 43:56.

Sat – 3 w/up with big CMS group at Bedford 12km in 23:31 another ½ mile of strides, then 41:45 (5:36 pace) 13th in the 40+. Warm-down with big CMS group 3m in 23:49.

Sun – 10 plus on the Bruce Freeman rail trail with Petey, Scott, and Dave La – 1:21:22.

78 miles for the week.
Month – 196
Year – 1,486
Life – 105,597

Bedford 15 years ago


Trail Pixie said...

Saw you three leaving the Sanctuary that day! I love running in there....If you haven't already: check out the side trails, some lead to "secret" stone circles, past the Search & Rescue ropes course (near Morton Street and Judson Road. I'll head out to do a little trail work on the AVIS Stanley Reservation soon as school lets out. It links up from the DV's cemetery side and Willoughby Estates (nice steep hill through a brick McMansion division).

double-d said...

I have to stay off the single-track (except to race)...my ankle is still hinky.