Monday, November 30, 2009

Andover Country Club - XC race

The second race in four days meant that I was still a bit sore before the race even started, but heck I'm a bit sore all the time so no big deal.

I met up with the Q-Brothers and Jimmy Q and we headed out for an easy 3m out/back for a warm-up.  As is normal I felt pretty lousy.  The uphills were tiring, not a good thing before a 3.5 mile XC race that rolls like mad. Al was heading out for his warm-up so it looked like we had four team members, but five are needed for a full team.  Conditions were quite good with temps in the low 50's, a little breeze and bright sunshine.  I decided to go with the Saucony road racing flats instead of Inov-8 trail shoes.  The course always seems to have a ton of pavement (maybe 50%?).  There were some slight changes this year due to construction including a new start and new finish. 

The big crowd headed over to the start and we were off in a mad dash.  The course went about 50m then did a 180 and headed up a nother fairway.  I got out well and slipped in behind Terry McNatt.  By the time things settled down I was right around the top 10.  I felt awful on the uphills but really made up ground on the downhills.  Mike Q was working his way toward the strung-out top five and Dave Q came back a bit and I caught him at about 1.5m (no mile markers).  I looked at my watch as I gapped Dave and it was 12 minutes, so I figured maybe only 1 1/4 to go.  Terry was not far ahead and I figured he was top master.  I really didn't have much gas in the tank but I knew Dave was close behind tracking me down.  We were both cutting tangents like crazy.  I wish I had been able to figure out the finish because I didn't know how much was left when we went by the chute (in the opposite direction).  Ryan C gave me a shout and I dug in hoping to shake the GBTC guy who was right there.  With about 100m to go, Dave went flying past and I had no response.  He did slow a bit right before the line and almost got caught by the GBTC guy.

You have got to love XC finishes....I was hands on knees trying to get my breath and not fall over.  Dave was on the ground iwth one shoe still on the timing mat with it beeping like mad.  There is something about XC that makes you dig down and give your all. I'm happy to say I gave it my best.  A top 10 finish was a bonus and third in the 40+ behind Terry and Dave is nothing to turn your nose up at.  Al led the charge for CMS with Michael having (another) excellent race.



Place Name Div/Tot Ag No. S Bib# City St Time Pace
1 RYAN CARRARA 1/44 33 1 M 1 HUDSON MA 18:18 5:14
2 CHAD CARR 2/44 33 154 M 154 CAMBRIDGE MA 18:21 5:15
3 ALAN VERNIER 3/44 35 572 M 572 PROVIDENCE RI 18:44 5:21
4 STEPHEN GRANGER-GEV 4/44 24 268 M 268 BOSTON MA 18:48 5:23
5 DAN LOUNSBURY 5/44 27 2 M 2 CAMBRIDGE MA 19:02 5:27
6 MIKE QUINTAL 6/44 31 7 M 7 N. ANDOVER MA 19:07 5:28
7 TERRY MCNATT 1/63 44 4 M 4 NEEDHAM MA 19:32 5:35
8 DAVID QUINTAL 2/63 46 8 M 8 SALEM NH 19:38 5:37
9 TOMOAKI UCHIKI 7/44 35 224 M 224 JAMAICA PLAIN MA 19:38 5:37
10 DAVE DUNHAM 3/63 45 3 M 3 WARD HILL MA 19:39 5:37

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mueblerunner said...

Great race, DD. Thanks to Kevin Fallon's finish we won the team title by one point!