Sunday, November 1, 2009


Another month done, and another month closer to Snowshoe racing season!

I've got mixed emotions about the month.  Some things (marathon) went well and other things (foot, back, etc) didn't go very well.

I had weeks of 47, 47, 73, 45, and 41 (with one day off).  Total for the month was 229.  So, since missing 8 weeks in July/August I've had months of 235 and 229.  Had I not taken the final Tuesday off (back, hip) I would have exactly matched Septembers total. 
Races this month:
10-4 GBTC XC 25th pl (3rd 40+) 29:17
10-12 5kSM 10th pl (3rd 40+) 17:22
10-18 Baystate marathon 75th (16th 40+) 2:59:41
10-24 Great bay 4th place (1st 40+) 17:16
10-25 Cider hill trail race 3rd place (2nd 40+) 18:06

Next week I head out to Oregon to give the US trail marathon championship a shot.  Fingers crossed.....

Fueling up!


Derrick said...

Wow...Sara and I had the exact size plate of natchos at Melissa's in Banff last week. Well, actually twice. It took both of us to polish it off and they thought we were pigs! Good fuel.

Good luck in Oregon!

mquintal6 said...

That plate looks deadly.