Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week ending 10-25-09

Not a bad week, I recovered pretty quickly from the marathon.  My plantar fascia is still giving me a lot of grief but not much more I can do about it.

M - Sore hips and ankles.  O/b 4m with JJ at the River 32:12
T - River 6 with JJ (feeling a lot better) 47:03
W - Alone at Mine Falls 6m 46:21
Th - River o/b 5m with JJ & Dan - 37:04 (ankles sore)
F - Winni 6m with JJ and Kevin T (MT&Goat) 44:13
Sat - Great Bay 5k.  3 warm-up, 3.11 race, 4+ warm-down
Sun - Cider Hill Farm trail race, 3 warm-up, 3ish race, 2+ warm-down

Total for the week = 45
Month - 194
Year - 2,609
Life 106,720


mueblerunner said...

Have you got yourself a night splint, yet?

pbazanchuk said...

I've been using a pair of these for a while now. Seem to work well and noticed immediate results.

double-d said...

Haven't got the splint yet, but heading to Yankee Runner this weekend to get one.