Monday, November 2, 2009

Week ending 11-01-09

This week was not one of the better weeks I've had.  I may have pushed it a bit much after the marathon and doing the downhills at Cider Hill made my obterator externus and gluteus minimus very sore.  I ended up taking a hated day off on Tuesday and got a great massage (at Salem Massage Therapy).  That seemed to help a lot and I felt a lot better (although not back to 100%).  Lots of icing and even a little (very little) stretching).

M - o/b 6m on the River with Dan and JJ.  Last mile back/hip got very sore 46:09
T - off (ugh!!!!)
W - Pouring rain, 40 degrees.  Winni 5 with JJ. 37:56
Th - Winni 6 with JJ and Dan 43:48
F - Winni 6 with JJ 41:54 (!!!)
Sat - 6am o/b on the Freeman bike path with Petey and Dave La (60:31) then 8am 34:13 from Runners Alley in Nashua.
Sun - Winni 6 with Dan and Mark B (MIA for the last 4 months) 46:23

Total for the week = 41
Year = 2,650
Life = 106,761

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