Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goals for 2010 (first 6 months)

Get/stay healthy

January - do as many Snowshoe races as I possibly can

Feb - see January, and also run a 40+ PR (under 59:29) at DH Jones

Mar - SS nationals and/or the 50km nationals, also 40+ PR at New Bedford (1:17:11)

Apr - Run under 16:30 on the track

May - Defend my title at "The Bear" trail race. Try to keep Todd Callaghan in sight at Northfield and Wachusett.

June - Run Pack despite the fact that it is the worst "bang for you buck" race in the history of racing. Run the 100th Dipsea, the 50th Mt Washington, and the NE Mountain champs.


pbazanchuk said...

Could just be my failing memory but wasn't Northfield a USSSA Champ qualifying race?

double-d said...

A few years ago it was a qualifier, not any longer. I have trouble supporting a group like USSSA that is a FOR PROFIT living off the backs of SS runners.

ldrmro said...

Also looking forward to the 100th Dipsea - will have to go the "bribery"/donation route and hope for the best this year, as I missed qualifying last year after falling twice on Suicide (first time for everything).

Any idea when the 2010 NE Mountain Racing schedule will be published?

Jason R said...

Dipsea - You might have to (want to) ask for a special invitation as an "Elite" runner to allow you to run in the Invitational Section. Otherwise you'd end up being in the "Runner" section and won't be able to win since (I'm sure you are familiar) all of the Invitational runners start (age/gender handicapped) and THEN all of the Runner section runners start (again, age/gender handicapped).

Also, you and I have only met in passing a couple times (before I moved from Dudley, MA to Tampa, FL to S.F. Bay, CA) and we've sent each other a couple quick messages on FB - so I'll be up for a few county high points runs if you are looking to bag a few after the Dipsea. Mt. Tam and Mt Diablo are definitely worth the trip.