Monday, December 14, 2009

Mt Washington - fast first time?

The question was posed in an earlier thread....are runners more likely to run their fastest time at Mt Washington the first time they run it or do they tend to PR after getting that first one under their belt.  I checked the stats for the 188 guys who have broken 1:10. Of course none of this takes into account weather (a major factor).  Here is what I came up with:

72 only ran it that one time

81 did not run their best time the first time

35 set their PR on the first attempt

I'm not sure if this really tells us anything......


DoubleJ said...

this post essentially solves the riddle of life itself and every question I've ever actually had...good stuff dd.

Ben Nephew said...

I think those numbers tell us a lot. I can't believe 72 dudes only ran it once, I would have guessed half that (although I take it for granted that I usually get a number with CMS).

You can read the 72 as:

1. I crushed that slag heap, and I have no need to go back.

2. I'd rather castrate myself than do that again.

With the exception of Wyatt, I see all those 72 going with option 2.

In the case of the original question that stimulated this research, I think your sample population is too large to get at the question of a fast local guy cranking out a 61-62. I don't consider sub 65 in same universe as 65-70, but that could be due to my own slowness.

If there is still interest, I'd like to see a list of the top 10-20debuts (however long it takes to get down to 64-65 minutes). Anyone could look up their racing resumes and see past times and mountain experience (but Dave would probably do the most thorough job of that!).

I've always thought that people with a naturally long stride at flat races also struggle on the hill. These runners probably have a slow stride rate, and even if they did shorten their stride, the increased turnover could be problematic.

Anonymous said...

Sub 65 will be my next research when I get back from my peakbagging trip with Morse.