Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 New England snowshoe rankings - Open

Here is my first attempt at ranking the top snowshoe runners in New England

1 Jim Johnson – five first place finishes

2 Kevin Tilton – one first place finish
3 Mark Miller – one second place finish
4 Greg Hammett – one third place finish
5 Corey Watts – one second place finish
6 Tim Van Orden – one second, one third, and two fourth place finishes
7 Tim Cox – one second place finish
8 Geoff Cunningham – two second place finishes
9 Ben Nephew – one first, one third, and one fifth place finish
10 Charles Theriault – one third and one fourth place finish


DoubleJ said...

My top 3 (based on just potential):

1) Fyffe - he'll run Northfield and a couple others...National Champ for 2010.
2) Tilton - already has a win and will win the GSSS and Sidehiller.
3) Ferenc - if he stays on his feet and runs any more races...

double-d said...

Can't rank 'em if they don't race. I agree that Fyffe (based on his SS last year and his road stuff) could be a monster on snowshoes. It should be very interesting to see you and KT go head to head. I wish I could be there.

Kevin said...

Was the gap between Double J and I intentional?! :-)

Ben Nephew said...

Based on potential, here are my rankings:

1. Paul Tergat. Dude, have you seen how long his legs are?

2. Geb. He'd be at number one, but his pacers won't make it past 2 miles on snowshoes, and Tergat would surely out-leg him.

3. Sasquatch. Bigfoot. Need I say more?