Saturday, January 16, 2010

Masters snowshoe rankings - percent back

I took another look at the rankings….Paul Baz had asked about the numbers (and I love numbers). Mostly I just ranked based on how I figure each person would do against everyone else on the list. Using the % behind the top master at each race to build the numbers comes up with a different ranking if you look at just the average % back. Of course since some only raced once or twice it is impossible to compare across the board (example: I ranked Dan 3rd but he got 100% at the one race he ran). If I looked strictly at % back I’d move Chris Dunn ahead of Steve Wolfe which probably doesn’t make sense since the only time they’ve met (Beaver Brook) Steve finished ahead of Chris. I put Dan in third based on his percent behind Ben Nephew who both Tim Van Orden and I both beat at Woodford. I probably should have put Sean Snow in the mix somewhere as he beat some of the guys in the top 10. It is a work in progress and with more data points (race finishes) it will change.

I’ll probably also start an Open ranking as well. We’ll have seven races to pull results from after this weekend!

Rank--- Total ---Avg

1tie--- 197.21 ---98.60 ---Tim Van Orden--- 45 --- CMS
1tie--- 297.63 ---99.21 ---Dave Dunham--- 41 --- CMS
3---- 100.00 ---100.00---Dan Verrington--- 47 --- CMS
4---- 280.54 ---93.51 ---Steve Wolfe--- 45 --- Acidotic
5---- 195.77 ---97.88 ---Chris Dunn--- 41 --- Acidotic
6---- 185.31 ---92.66 ---Chrisotpher Smith--- 43 --- Dungeon Rock
7---- 92.71 ---92.71 ---David Loutzenheiser--- 43 ---
8---- 183.00 ---91.50 ---Jeremiah Fitzgibbon--- 53 --- Acidotic
9---- 90.89 ---90.89 ---Rob Bousquet--- 43 ---
10--- 176.00 ---88.00 ---Ken Clark--- 47 --- HTC

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