Monday, January 25, 2010

Week ending 01-24-10

Terrible week.  Injured back may mean the end of Snowshoe racing for the year.  Pretty bummed.

M - Ind Pk 8 alone 62:12
T - Lunch run 3 - 21:56 PM - Injured
W - Saw Dr.
Th - Saw orotho and got PT
F - PT
Sat - 3m walk on treadmill
Sun - 3m walk on treadmill

Total for the week = 11 miles (5 days off)
Hoping to get back to running this week, but worried about any bad step putting me back to square one.


Anonymous said...

Time to address the canary in the closet. Fyffe and Johnson need to square off on snowshoes before the season ends.

DoubleJ said...

...or Usain Bolt should square off against Joan Benoit in the quarter mile.... see, I can be nonsensical too! That won't prove anything except what everyone already knows. Fyffe just ran 5:30s at Derry, is 10 minutes faster than me in the marathon, and kills me on the roads, mountains, trails, and snowshoes regularly... I struggled to run 6's at Derry last year. I think what you meant to say was that Fyffe needs to square off against Ferenc. Now THAT would be addressing the canary in the closet. Also, please register for a name so we know who is posting these provocative comments! ;)