Monday, April 12, 2010

Snowshoe rankings

1. Kevin Tilton (CMS) – Moves up to the top spot with his win at the Merrimack River. 10 miles of trail racing at sub 6:00’s = 38:25 for a snowshoe 10km in 6” of powder.

2. Jim Johnson (CMS) – Drops to second with his excellent sub 5:00 effort for 5km at the George Davis invitational. Skipping the River cost him the top ranking (had he doubled he would have earned super-extra-bonus points).

3. Ben Nephew (CMS) – Solid run finishing 11 seconds behind Tilton at the River.

4. Geoff Cunningham (Acidotic) – Excellent debut at the River keeps him firmly in fourth place.

5 Tim Van Orden (CMS) – Lost his momentum, came up lame last week and at last notice I had more mileage last week than he did (I got 7 miles in before pf surgery).

1 comment:

Ben Nephew said...

Geoff must be Kenyan. I don't think I've ever raced shirtless against someone in full tights, singlet, and hat! His shoes were also over 3oz heavier than Kevin's X-talons. Adjusting for those self imposed handicaps brings him down to at least a 60 something.