Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week Ending 04-11-10

This is the start of 4-6 weeks off to heal my plantar fascia.

M - 5am - 7m (short) with Petey 56:00, ob on the Freeman rail trail.  Later AM - Topaz surgery on PF.

T - Not a damn thing

W - See T

Th - More of the same, but off crutches.

F - See Th

Sat - Worked the Merrimack river trail race.  Foot pretty sore from standing for 4 hours

Sun - Walked about 1m picking up course markings on the River.  Picked up Petey at the turn.

Week - 7m
Month - 54m
Year - 617
Life - 107,988

Working the finish with John & Denise

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