Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week Ending 04-04

Final week of running for a while.  Put in a lot, just to be outside for a while and enjoy the feeling of running.  Foot hurt, but this too shall pass.

M - 5am: 6m run on the rail trail with Petey 49:59, PM rain and 40's Bird Sanct 6 w Dan & JJ 46:33
T - 5am: 3 on the treadmill 22:58, PM Bird Sanct 6 w Dan 45:27
W - 5am: Industrial park 4m 30:19, PM Bird Sanct 6 w Dan 43:27
Th- 5am Ind Pk 5m 37:10, PM out/back 5m on rail trail in Chelmsford 36:36
F - 5am Ind Pk 5m 36:57, PM Bird Sanct 6 w Dan 43:18 (70 degrees)
Sat - 2m out/back to summit of Hall Mtn, 2m o/b summit Catamount hill, 3m w/up with the CMS guys at SEA race, 1m during race, 3m w/dwn with the guys.  PM 5m with Eric Winnikenni loop 38:37 (muddy)
Sun - 7am 10m on the River trail 79:53 (not muddy)

Total 78 miles
Me, Murdock, and Eric at Winni

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