Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Ending 04/25/10

Another week on the IR, but one step closer to coming back.  Mid-week I got out of the boot and started walking in my new orthotics.  Felt good to be able to start back working out.  Hit the bike which means a lot of early morning riding.  Tried to ride 2 hours per day.

M - Not a damn thing
T - The same
W - Bike AM 1:00, Bike outside PM 1:00
Th - Bike AM 1:00, Bike PM 1:00
F - Bike AM 1:00, Bike PM 1:00
S - Bike AM 2:00 (1 hour very easy 1 hour hard)
S - Bike AM 1:30, Bike PM :30

Totals for the week:
Bike: 10:00

Looking ahead - Hope to get 14 - 20 hours of biking in next week.  Checking in with the Dr. on Monday and starting PT on Tuesday.  PT cuts into the afternoon biking so I'll have to ramp up the AM biking which means getting on the bike by 4:00 AM at the latest.  Not ideal, but zombies do not like indoor bikes.


mueblerunner said...

Keep it up, DD. I know cycling can be mundane and boring at times, but the return on investment can be very high. Stay motivated and positive!

Petey said...

I offer this old Irish Blessing...May your butt keep from being sore and the tv or tunes not give out.

Jeff Goupil said...

Good to see you are able to get back to some training. How long till you are able to run again?

double-d said...

Another miserable week until I can start back. I hate biking, but it is better than nothing!