Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Course records still out there - May

I have two records set in May of years gone by...

My CMS series record of 14:40 just passed 17 years on the books this week. They run the same loop, however they no longer finish in the parking lot. A couple of years they started keeping "new" course records so I guess this one should be retired. It is still the fastest time ever run at a CMS 52 week series race.

The Bear 3 mile XC race course record from last year (picture below), held up. Rich Marion would have broken it had he stayed on course. Part of trail racing is staying on course (heck, it is also part of road running). Bummer because Rich was a minute up on the chase pack.

On the subject of records...I hear that the course at Lynn woods is changing after 40 years. That will be one that I'll be sad to lose. Also, congratulations to Ruben Sanca who smashed my U-Lowell School record with a great 14:05 at the Mt Sac relays in April. My record had held up for 23 years which is how old Ruben is. Couldn't have gone to a nicer guy!


Diana said...

I think you mean "couldn't have gone to a nicer guy" -- since Ruben Sanca is a nice guy! And congrats on the longevity of your records.

double-d said...

Exactly what I meant. I met him a couple of years ago at a BU mini meet and he seemed like a great guy.