Wednesday, May 19, 2010

History - May gone by

Looking back:
30 years ago – I raced nine times as I neared the end of my Sophomore year at Billerica memorial high.

The highlight was probably getting a victory at the Freshman/Sophomore championships in the 2 mile. I held off Steve Perkins (Danvers?) and Fernando Braz (yes we raced many times over the years) to win in 9:47. Although taking third in the mile at the Billerica/Chelmsford dual meet.The low point of the month was finishing 3rd in the half running 2:08 at Austin Prep (they had a funky 5-laps to the mile track).

25 years ago – Just one race and I finished a disappointing 7th (missing All-American by one place) at the NCAA championships in Los Angeles running 30:16. Chambo and I spent a week out in CA “recovering”.

20 years ago – I only raced twice during this month.

05-06-90 – Took third place in the New England 10m championships in Worcester. The late Larry Olsen took the race out in 4:42. Chris Schille won in 49:34 and I was 20+ seconds back just sneaking under 50 in 49:58.

05-19-90 – I picked up $300 taking second place at the Pepsi Police chase in Nashua NH. I ran in a pack of five for 5 miles then kicked like mad to run 30:06. Joe Rocha won in 29:53.

15 years ago

05-07-95 – Finished second to Scott Bagley at the CMHC 10 mile in Worcester picking up $1,000 for my 50:45.

05-13-95 – Went to the US 25km National champs in Grand Rapids, it was a fun trip. I ended up 13th in 1:20:44. 3 mile splits = 15:20, 15:23, 15:30, 15:57, 15:50

05-21-95 – Tried to double at the Bedford Rotary 5k/12k. Ran 15:08 to take second behind Byrne Decker in the 5k, he buried me in the first mile. Then sat with the pack in the 12k and kicked like mad for the win in 40:22.

05-27-95 – Finished the month with a win and course record at Wachusett mountain – 24:37

10 years ago 2000 was just about the end of me running “decent”. I had a pretty good May with the highpoint being a 5th place finish at the 12k NE championships.

05-06-00 Finished in third place at Mt Kearsarge, behind Morse’s near course record 51:22 and Fram’s excellent 40+ time of 52:31. I ran 53:08.

05-14-00 Finished in fourth behind Dan, Mike O’Brien and Eric B in 15:35 at the Kittery Outlet race. I think this was an out/back to a cone in the road.

05-20-00 Finished fifth at the USATF 12km championships in Bedford running a 38:13.

05-27-00 Finished out the month with a second place finish 35 seconds behind Eric Morse (24:32) in 25:17 at Wachusett Mountain.

5 years ago – I had a pretty weird May with six races and four 40+ PRs. I did some odd distance races which accounts for the PR’s when I was sick a good part of the month with a sinus infection.

05-03-05 I beat 8 people to take the win at the Felton Frolic trail race which was hosted by Petey (at noon). I ran 16:03 over 2.85 miles to beat Ken Tripp by a little over a minute.

05-07-05 I got “girled” by some Providence College lady who broke the women’s CR. The race was held up for a while as part of the course was blocked by a fallen tree. It was incredible windy. Somehow I ended up winning $50 despite finishing in 8th place.

05-14-05 I felt awful running the Prospect mountain race at Lake George. Teammate Richard Bolt took the win, beating me by over three minutes.

05-22-05 The final year of one of my favorite Mountain races. I took 10th place overall at the Kearsarge hill climb. Kevin Tilton beat me by nearly 10 minutes.

05-28-05 Another week and another 10th place finish, this time at Wachusett Mountain. Paul Low won in 25:30, beating me by nearly 3 minutes.

05-29-05 I showed up at Trav’s trail run and somehow forgot to bring racing flats! I borrowed a pair of 9.5 (I wear 8.5) and still had a decent run finishing 14th in 16:58.


mueblerunner said...

Probably Braz little brother Fernando was a senior in 1980

mueblerunner said...

Not to be a nit- picker but wasn't
Fernando 2 years ahead of you making him a senior in 1980. I think you may be thinking of his younger brother Helda (?) who later on ran for SMU (UMass Dartmouth).

I do recall racing both you and Perkins (Danvers) one year later at Lawrence HS in the duece at the Northern Area (Junior/Senior).

mueblerunner said...

Dan Foley(St Johns Prep) was in that race, too.