Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week Ending 06-27-10

My ankles have been sore since Mt Washington, every once in a while the arthritis flares up. It made for a somewhat uncomfortable week of running. I had a horrible run at Maudslay on Thursday, but ran as hard as I could. I think I’ll stay away from mid-week speed work this week and try to feel rested for Loon Mountain (July 4).

M – Lunch 3m 21:17, PM o/b 6m @ Winni 41:41

T – Lunch 6m 43:59 (work closed – bomb scare), PM 5m Winni loop 36:23

W – 4:30 am Ind Park 4 28:58, PM nice relaxing 6m 51:52

Th – Lunch 3m 20:39, PM 6m warm-up at Maudslay, 3m XC race (17:57!), 3m warm-down

F – Lunch 3m 20:53, PM Winni 5 plus 2m on the basin loop 49:19

Sat – Merrimack River trail 10m on my own 1:14:39 (37:31/37:08)

Sun – 3 warm-up at Cranmore, 7.08 mile race up/down twice, 3 warm-down.

Week = 78
Month = 289
Year = 1,060
Life = 108,431

Picture: 2nd lap at Cranmore, descending throught the glade.  Scott Mason photo

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Anonymous said...

Hope the ankles feel better for one of your favorite races. I vow to join you one of these years. Peterman.