Monday, August 23, 2010

Week ending 08-22-10

Another week wearing the boot and doing just a little running, getting PT, and biking.  Foot is feeling pretty decent.  Did a quick 400m on the treadmill on Tuesday and pushed it a bit on Sunday at the Mine Falls Moose relay.  May be able to race at the Continental Divide 10km trail championships next weekend.

M - AM bike 1 hour.  PM Winni 5m 34:41
T - AM Ind Park 5m 36:40, PM 3m on treadmill at PT 21:42
W - AM bike 1 hour.   PM o/b on the River with Dan 35:49
Th -AM bike 1 hour.  Later AM 5m on the Freeman Rail Trail 36:08.  PM 3m run in the Merrimac town forest 30:01
F - AM bike 1 hour.  PM Winni 5 34:32
S - AM 63:40 Stiles pond water run.  AM 5m with John Gorman at Stiles 36:24.  AM Bike 1 hour.
S - AM bike 1 hour.  Later AM 1 hour water run with Petey.  Later AM 3 warm-up, 2.5 race, 1.5 warm-down at Mine Falls.

Totals for the week:
Bike 6 hours
Water run 2:03:40
Run 42 miles
Mclaren Rail trail in Merrimac, MA

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