Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week Ending 10-17-10

I took it pretty easy this week leading up to the Baystate Marathon. My plantar fascia was sore all week from the New Castle race and my other ankle has been bothering me for a couple of weeks. My goal was to get through Baystate and see how my foot feels. I’ll decide on whether I should go to Oregon for the Trail Marathon Championships sometime later this week.

242, 258, 240, 240 - Pic by Krissy
M -Run up/down Mt Kearsarge at Sunrise 1:13:04

T – 430am Industrial park 5 in 36:33. Lunch run 3 in 20:02. Afternoon 3m run at Physical therapy 21:26.

W – 430 am Ind pk 5 in 36:18. Lunch run 3 in 19:35 (PR). PM 3 on the track at Nashua 19:46.

Th – Lunch run 3 in 20:02. PM out/back 5m at PT in 34:52

F – Lunch run 3 in 20:51. PM Winni 5 with Ken T and JJ in 37:23.

Sat – Morning o/b 8 on the Freeman rail trail 58:52

Sun – Warm-up to the start then 26.2 miles (2:58:06) at the Baystate marathon.

Week = 81
Month = 183
Year = 2,063
Life = 109,433
Tossing my t-shirt to Krissy at the 3m mark (behind the back move).


mquintal6 said...

You look like Bob Cousy with that move.

double-d said...

A little goofy but I was glad to get rid of the t-shirt that I accidently wore to the start (I didn't want to throw it out).