Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week ending 10-24-10

A recovery week after the marathon on Sunday.  Felt back to "normal" by Wednesday.

M - Lunch 3 easy in 22:55

T - 430am Industrial park 5 in 38:48, Lunch run 3 in 21:39

W - 430am Industrial park 5 in 36:54, Lunch run 3 in 20:33, PM 3 on the track at Nashua in 21:16

Th - 430am Industrial park 5 in 36:56, Lunch run 3 in 20:45.

F - Lunch run 3 in 20:21.  PM Sunset run up/down Mt Kearsarge 8m in 70:44

Sat - 2.2 out to Mt Butterfield (then Bushwhack to the summit) then .3 to Signal Mtn (then Bushwhack to the summit) then 2.5 miles out.  PM 3+ in Hubbard park (high point of Montpellier) in 25:27

Sun - From Sugarbush run up to Lincoln Peak, then on the ridge ran the Long Trail out/back to Mt Abraham, back to Lincoln Peak, then Nancy Hanks Peak, Castle Rock Peak, Cutts Peak, and Mount Ellen, then down the ski trails and access road to the base.  Total about 9 miles in 2:59:54.

2,400' climb up Sugarbush to Lincoln Peak


mquintal6 said...

did you do that solo? No Eric?

double-d said...

Eric took the picture. More to follow on the trip.