Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Rivah

Ran the River course 10m this morn with a big group of fast guys.  I'm glad I took it short and easy yesterday and saved something for today!  Out to the turn in 36:53, then back in 35:36 (1:12:30) then added on a little more than 2m with the brothers Q in 17:44.  Dan and JJ and others went various distances.  12 was plenty for goal race this spring is New Bedford where we will kick-off the USATF Grand Prix.

I've only run the course 3 times this year.
04-04-10 = 79:25
06-26-10 = 74:39
12-19-10 = 72:30

My fastest training run (back in the day) was just over 61 minutes. My PR for the course is 56:42.  The fastest I've raced it as a master is 63:47.

Old picture of me and Paul Low, both sporting the Nike Tupu shoes before the start at the River

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mquintal6 said...

It looks like your wearing basketball shoes.