Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week ending 01-09-11

Ugly week…

Total of 27 miles and the end of my streak without missing a day (last DO was in July). I ran 5 on Wednesday morning and felt good, but after the run my back began to hurt by 9am I was in agony. I got checked out by my PT and an appointment on Monday with my Orthopedic Doctor. Mixed results from the Doctors visit. It doesn’t appear to be a stress fracture, due to the location on the sacrum but it also isn’t a location with much muscle/ligaments. Time will tell.

M – 3 @ lunch on treadmill. PM 8++ hilly miles with JJ including two of the four highest points in Methuen.

T – 3 @ lunch on treadmill. PM 8 with Dan at his work.

W – 430am Industrial park 5. Unable to run PM

Th – No a damn thing

F – same

S – same

S – same

Week – 27
Month – 48
Year – 48
Life – 110,249


Anonymous said...

Ugh, no one likes to take a zero. Sorry for the end of your streak. Hope it ends up not serious and you are back at it sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

live to fight another day and start a new streak...