Monday, April 18, 2011

River Stats

I'll start posting results and updates to all the lists on the River Blog this week.  See the link on this blog...

Notes on the 2011 River:
Tom Speidel continued his streak with 20 consecutive finishes
Ben Nephew has the second longest streak with 13 consecutive finishes
Carol Comeau is the women's leader with 9 consecutive finishes
Most finishes
Tom Speidel leads having run all 20 races
Scott Spence had a fine run in his 18th, taking 3rd in the 40-49 age group and 17th overall in 1:09:16
Top men
Judson Cake (57:35) won in the 8th fastest time ever run over the 10 mile course.  Only Paul Low, Chris Mahoney, and Dave Dunham have run faster.
Ben Nephew ran a record 8th time under 1-hour with his 59:43.  Kevin Tilton is close behind, running his 7th sub 1:00 (59:07).
Top women
Abbey Gosling ran the 15th fastest all-time with her 1:12:14 winning time
Single age records Women
Abbey Gosling broke the age 25 record by over 3 minutes with her 1:12:14
Nancy Flaherty took 1:30 off the age 50 record in 1:27:14
Carol Comea took 1:22 off the age 55 record with a 1:45:05
Patricia Robinson set a new age 57 record by nearly 10 minutes running a 1:32:26
Linda Usher trimmed 8 minutes off the age 62 record running 1:45:59
Single age records men
Tyler Dechance broke the age 13 record by 24 minutes in 1:19:26
Cam Kelley took 2 minutes off the age 21 record in 1:09:41
Matt Curran took 4:30 off the age 53 record in 1:08:12
Jeremiah Fitzgibbon lowered the age 54 record by 24 seconds running 1:13;11

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