Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dan and I hit the track again on Thursday.  It seemed to go well.  We did a 3 mile warm-up including a mile of strides on the track.  Then went into the workout of 6x400 with 400 rest with Dan leading on the odd and me leading on the even ones.

We hit:

Rest was right around 2:00.  It all felt hard but comfortably hard (whatever the heck that means).  Since our first workout 2 weeks ago we’ve dropped an average of 2.7 seconds per quarter.  Part of that is getting used to the speed and the other would be the better weather this week.

As I was changing back into my trainers from my flats I realized that most of the kids from Phillips Andover (PA) weren’t born when I first used the racing flats I was wearing!

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GZ said...

Flats as old as the kids, probably not an issue. Shorts as old or older than the kids ... ehh.