Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 10 list from Mt Washington - 2011

My pick for the top 10 results from the 2011 Mt Washington Road Race (in no particular order)

George Etzweiler ran 2:48:25 at age 91.  He set a new age group record for 90+ as he was is the first 90+ finisher in the history of the race.

Carolyn Stocker (age 18) finished in seventh place overall setting a new single age record and new age group record taking 6:11 off of Evelyn Dong’s 1:26:51 from 2003.

The Cambridge Sports Union (CSU) 50+ team took the 50+ team title with a new course record of 4:49:21 which broke the Central Vermont RC record of 5:05:31 from 2008 by 16:10.

Rickey Gates 10 second victory over Tommy Manning was the second closest finish in race history trailing only the 2 second separation in 1989.  It ties the 10 second margin from the weather shortened race of 2002. 

Simon Gutierrez (age 45) finished in fifth place overall, running a 1:04:33 which broke Andy Ames (1:06:29 2008) single age record and also set a new age 45-49 record breaking Craig Fram’s 1:05:45 (2008).  Gutierrez ran his tenth sub 1:05 which is the second most all-time.

Jacqueline Gareau (age 58) ran 1:27:58 to take 17:24 off of the old single-age record by Carrie Parsi (1:45:22 1997).  She also set a new age 55-59 record, breaking her own time from last year (1:29:12).

Cole Crosby ran 1:14:52 to set a new Oklahoma state record, breaking the old record (1:38:22 - Steve Lee in 2003) by 23:30.

Keith Woodward (age 60) ran 1:21:29, setting a new age 60 record (old record John Pelton 1:24:32 1999) and also set a new 60-64 record breaking  William Dixon’s time of 1:22:28 from 2009.

Rebecca Stockdale-Wooley (age 60) set a single age record running 1:41:03, taking 13 seconds off of Carrie Parsi’s 1:41:16 from 1999. This is also a new age group record for 60-64.

William Riley (age 75) ran 1:47:39 to take 11:37 off of Gerald Barney’s age 75 time of 1:59:16 from 2008.  This is also a new age 75-79 record.

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