Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back to square one

Not the week I hoped to have.  My calf was strained/pulled at mile 4 of Mt Washington.  I iced like mad this week and went to physical therapy.  By Friday I was feeling pretty good, by Saturday my Mountain running season was over.  On a flat stretch of road after doing an easy run up/down Signal mountain my calf pulled even worse than before.  I hobbled the last 1/2 mile and knew I wasn't going to be able to run at Cranmore.  So a week of promise ended with me working at the US mountain champs instead of running.  Such are the vagaries of life.

M - Lunch 4 in 30:30, PM massage, PT and 8 miles at Winni in 57:58
T - 4am Industrial park 6 in 44:13.  Lunch 4 in 28:48.  PM Winni 5 after PT in 34:51 (felt good)
W - 4am Ind Pk 5 in 36:15.  Out early for 6m on the River in 44:15. PT then 4m at Winni in 27:16
Th - Lunch 4 in 27:38, PM out/back 6 on Freeman Rail trail in 43:18
F - Out early. Winni 8 in 53:25 (felt awesome!).  PM Oak Hill Fire tower run in 39:34
S - 5m up/down Signal Mountain in 1:05:11, first/last 1/2 mile on flat road (where my calf seized up)
S - Very tentative 3m (.5 out/back x 3) in 27:31 (9:27/9:05/8:59)

Week - 72
Month - 291
Year - 1,811
Life - 112,012

Jar on Signal Mountain

Not much of a view on Signal Mountain

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