Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back on track

Yesterday I stepped back onto the Phillips Andover track to see if my calf is ready for some racing.  Dan and I headed out to the track in 40 degree temps and a 10-20 mph wind.  So much for it being “mostly sunny and 49 degree” on  We ran 2 miles to the track and added another mile with strides on the track to get loosened up and ready for the workout.  The plan was 4 x 800 in 2:40 (give or take) with Dan and I alternating the lead on each half.  Dan took the first one and ran a very even 2:36.6, the rest (400) was a little slow 2:15 but it felt right.  I must have fallen asleep from 200-400 on the second one and we hit the quarter in 81+.  Yikes!  I upped the tempo and our second one was 2:38.6.  2:06 for the 400 rest and Dan was back in front running another very even 2:36.1.  Our rest was a bit longer as Dan had to take a quick break in the woods.  3:11 later I was back in the lead for the final 800.  This one was much more even, although Dan mentioned after that on both laps I seemed to slow up from 200-300.  Anyway the final one was 2:35.9, and off we were for the run back with an additional loop in the cemetery.  My calf held up fine in the workout and I’m hoping it will feel okay going forward.  If all is well, I’ll race on New Years day.


Mike Quintal said...

Frosty Four?

double-d said...

Yes. Dan will be going as well. You?

Mike Quintal said...

On the fence. the Hangover Classic is heinous, but I'm always drawn to it.