Thursday, December 29, 2011

Long run

“Long” runs

I’m not sure exactly how to define a long run, but for me anything over 8 miles is a long run.  I’ve found what keeps me reasonably healthy and one of the lessons I’ve learned is that when I start consistently running longer than 8 miles I get injured.  It must be something to do with running more than an hour at any one time.  I’ve also found that I can do some decent weekly mileage if I break my days into multiple runs (more on that in another post).  Anyway, this year I’ve only run 18 times at 10 or more miles. 
13 – 10 mile
1 – 11 mile
2 – 12 mile
1 – 13 mile
1 – 14 mile

The weird thing is that three of those were consecutive days last week.  It just worked out that way.

I’m planning a 20+ mile run in January but other than that I have no plans to run any “long” runs in the near future, although I am planning on racing a couple of half-marathons soon…

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Derrick said...

much agreed. Even when training for ultras, I find myself being able to stack together a bunch of doubles, day in and day out...rather than single longer runs. A lot to be said for the pace of these runs too in comparison. Often find the longer, long runs make me feel slow and much less efficient.