Sunday, December 11, 2011

December races

I was surprised to read in Mike Quintal’s blog that his recent finish at the Mill City Relays was his first race EVER in December.  Of course that got me thinking about my stats.  I already track how many races per month but hadn’t figured out grand totals by month.  So I knew that the most races I’d ever done in December was 7 (in 2007) and I also knew by total number of races which months I’d done the most races in (11 in May of 1982).  What I didn’t know was how many races I’d done for ALL Decembers, so that is what I compiled.  I’ve run 1,162 races and hope that I’ll be over this most recent calf/Achilles injury to race again before THIS December is over.

Full stats by month below but here are some of the take-aways…
May is my most raced month with 138 races.
December is the least raced month with 76 races
I have my most wins in January with 47
I have my most PR’s (personal records) in both May and September
Road races lead the list in almost all months, the exceptions 45 Indoor track races in January, 51 Mountain races in June, and
44 XC races in November.
The most miles raced would be 834.69 in October (which makes sense with a lot of Marathons).
The fewest miles raced was December with 375.48
The lowest average miles per race was January with 3.51 miles (a lot of those were ¼ miles run in relays indoors)
January118 races413.99 miles3.51 miles47 wins33 PR11 CR45 Indoor, 37 road, 34 snowshoe, 1 XC, 1 Trail
February107 races526.51 miles4.92 miles37 wins28 PR11 CR42 road, 35 snowshoe, 29 Indoor, 1 XC
March76 races635.37 miles8.36 miles27 wins15 PR10 CR45 Road, 19 snowshoe, 5 Trail, 2 Indoor, 2 Outdoor, 1 XC
April100 races549.44 miles5.49 miles25 wins34 PR9 CR49 Road, 38 Outdoor, 11 Trail, 1 Indoor, 1 Mountain
May138 races603.52 miles4.37 miles32 wins36 PR16 CR51 Road, 42 Outdoor, 31 Mountain, 8 XC, 6 Trail
June111 races698.92 miles6.30 miles31 wins28 PR14 CR51 Mountain, 41 Road, 9 Outdoor, 6 Trail, 3 XC, 1 Bi
July 97 races536.56 miles5.53 miles37 wins17 PR15 CR64 Road, 14 Mountain, 8 Trail, 8 Outdoor, 3 XC
August85 races497.56 miles5.85 miles20 wins20 PR9 CR41 Road, 19 Mountain, 15 Trail, 8 Outdoor, 2 Tri
September86 races616.99 miles7.17 miles28 wins36 PR14 CR45 Road, 28 XC, 7 Mountain, 6 Trail
October93 races834.69 miles8.98 miles33 wins25 PR18 CR47 Road, 34 XC, 10 Trail, 2 Mountain
November86 races632.58 miles7.36 miles17 wins15 PR11 CR44 XC, 32 Road, 10 Trail
December65 races375.48 miles5.78 miles24 wins25 PR11 CR26 Road, 25 Indoor, 8 Snowshoe, 5 XC, 1 Trail

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