Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dan vs. Dave

Counting the Frosty Four on Sunday, Dan and I have raced each other 233 times.  I believe there is no one I've raced as many times over the 1,063 races I've done.  We are pretty evenly matched right now and over the span of the last 26+ years I'm only 13 'wins' ahead of Dan.


We've each had streaks where the other couldn't break through but over the last couple of years it really has been whoever is "on" on that particular day. 

D or VDanDave
D1/12/2012Frosty Four0:21:590:21:54
D9/18/2011Lone Gull0:34:480:34:41
D8/24/2011Lynn woods relay0:14:300:14:05
V7/30/2011Carver USATF NE0:27:310:28:20
D6/18/2011Mt Washington1:16:501:09:11
D6/5/2011Rhody USATF NE0:16:440:16:36
V5/1/2011James Joyce USATF NE0:34:180:34:28
D5/8/2011Med Center USATF NE0:20:280:20:17
V10/10/2010New Castle 0:16:460:17:08
V7/18/2010USATF NE 8m champs0:46:200:46:30
D6/19/2010US Mtn champs1:16:051:12:00
V6/10/2010Hollis fast five0:16:240:16:35

Hopefully we'll be battling for many years to come...although starting this June we'll be in different age groups!

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Joe said...

Super Dave or whatever the hell you call him has a CMS uni....Nice touch..